TOMS Redesign

  • SKILL: User Research, Wireframes, Prototype     DATE: 2016

I redesigned TOMS' product details page focusing on an optimized user experience and high conversion rates. In achieving my goals with this project, I conducted research on TOMS' current site, as well as created a comparative and competitive analysis with similar companies. I then was able to identify the key features for a redesign that would allow for a better user experience. I created sketches, constructed high fidelity wireframes, and a prototype of the wireframe to demonstrate the functionality of the redesign.

The fixed side bar is a key component that not only gives users a clear understanding in selecting their purchase, but also helps in creating high conversion rates as the check out button remains visible throughout the entire scroll of the page.



TOMS Design 1 TOMS Design 2
TOMS Design 2
Current Website
TOMS Design 2
My Revised Wireframe


TOMS Research 1 TOMS Research 2 TOMS Research 3 TOMS Research 4


TOMS Sketch 1 TOMS Sketch 2

Comparative and Competitive Analysis

TOMS Sketch 1